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Research on Digital Tools for Vaccination

Our goal is to achieve privacy, equity, and efficiency of the distribution so vulnerable populations can be reached, unrecognized gaps can be addressed, and the learning can be harnessed for future pandemic preparedness.

Our team’s research includes cryptographic protocols for data interoperability and privacy, human-centered design for apps used by residents, and publications on policy and strategy.

In the near-term we are considering five main problems:

  • Indicating vaccine eligibility based on priority tiers (vaccine coupons)
  • Second dose coordination (privacy-preserving record linkage)
  • Vaccine verification/passports (interoperability and privacy)
  • Vaccine safety and efficacy monitoring (long-term, crowdsourced monitoring of safety and efficacy using private aggregation)
  • Trust and communication (social media analytics, contextual messaging)

Vaccines for All Conferences

Disparities in equitable distribution, vaccine efficacy, duration of immunity, multi-dose adherence, and privacy-focused user experience are among the most critical difficulties that must be addressed. The biggest hurdles in designing digital solutions which engage citizens in this pandemic are human and societal as well as technological. Trust at all levels and among all participants is mandatory for success. Can participatory real time epidemiology and user-centric crowd-sourced solutions help? The deployment of exposure notification/health passport apps is a promising start.

The conference brought together experts and stakeholders to address the consequences impacting disease-spread, individual behaviour, society, the economy, and data privacy.

About Us

Trusted Pandemic Technologies’ mission is to help public health professionals rapidly overcome challenging barriers they encounter as they engage citizens as active participants in digital solutions for fighting COVID-19 and future pandemics.

Today, the program is focused on creating citizen-centric solutions for the digital management of COVID-19 vaccine distribution, testing, and health verification. Previously the program worked with public health officials as they designed and deployed exposure notification and digital contact tracing solutions. Subsequent initiatives under consideration include surveillance, monitoring, and predictive modeling to better prepare us, as a society, for future pandemics.

The founding belief of Trusted Pandemic Technologies is that when it comes to engaging citizens in a quest for the common good, especially public health, trust at all levels and among all participants is mandatory for success. The program builds on privacy-preserving systems for smartphone data, analytics, and machine learning.